Sample Videos

Please enjoy these sample videos, for grownups and for kids. Each video is about 2 minutes long and just one episode of a full show series.

Comedy for Grownups

People say the darndest things to cops! 

Funny animated comedies about the ridiculousness of everyday life.

Hilarious dates with the terminally un-date-able! Some of LA’s top
improv comedians go on dates that go terribly wrong. 

Mr.Right Trailer

The miserable, miffed-off, misgivings of a cranky but funny female.
Ms. Rabble is an ecologically friendly woman voiced by Victoria Jackson
 from Saturday Night Live. 

The horse races on a micro scale! These top canine competitors square
off in the race of the century.

Monologues that bug you!

Jimmy Fallon talks about how comedy helped his hospital stay.

Comedy for Kids

Word Wits features humorous musical comedy sketches to teach
young children various words and concepts.

The first hybrid reality-scripted-television show for children. Watch the
 Gagster Kids play hilarious hidden-camera pranks on unsuspecting
 adults. It’s “Punked” meets “Candid Camera” starring kids!

Jump and Jack: Videos to inspire kids to exercise!

A puppet kids show that teaches good ethics in an entertaining way.

A fun kids show that teaches kids about music and musical instruments.

Story Genie encourages creativity for kids through fun musical dance