Ophthalmology Experts Endorse LaughMD

Ophthalmology Experts Endorse LaughMD


Patch Adam’s Approach: Mobile App Uses Comedy Videos to Treat Hospital Patients – International Business Times

Patch Adams joins advisory board of LaughMD, which uses a mobile app of comedy videos, games, podcasts, etc., to treat hospital patients.


Endorsed by Patch Adams, Laugh MD wants to give hospital patients free comedy programming (Video) – LaughSpin

Endorsed by Patch Adams, Laugh MD wants to give hospital patients free comedy programming.


Web MD – Healing Through Humor

Laugh your way to better health.


London Times

Article is entitled, “Scientists laugh in the face of sickness.”


Think Progress

Article on Hospitals Patient Satisfaction



(A) Medicare start to reward quality

(B) Bingeing On Bad News Can Fuel Illness

In Search Of Laugh Therapy – featuring Norman Cousins


Father of Laughter Research Dr. Lee Berk Discusses Laughter and Healing

LaughMD’s advisor Dr. Lee Berk Discusses Laughter And Healing In The LA Times


UK’s national Heath Service: Laughing increases your pain tolerance!

A study revealed that pain tolerance increased when someone watched a funny video or show, as opposed to something that was simply pleasant or drama based. It also said that laughing alone had no affect on pain tolerance, while laughing in a group did increase pain tolerance.


American Heart Association: Humor and Positive thinking will help your heart!

Laughter helps your heart.  This study states that those people who are more angry and depressed are more susceptible to heart decease. However laughter and humor alleviates your heart problems by opening restricted blood vessels, strengthening your immune system, providing a boost of energy, protection against stress, as well a connection with others.


University of Oregon: How other organizations are trying to implement humor into Medicine

Article by Barbara Butler, from the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, University of Oregon, about how laughter is the best medicine.  It references the work of other researchers and organizations that are trying to implement laughter into medicine and health.  It has separate sections of how it used for different coping mechanisms.


Health Leaders Media: Positive Hospital Experience Now More Important Than Ever

This article talks about the recent tie to reimbursements and HCAHPS by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and how providing a great customer experiences is not more important than ever. “Based in part on these scores, hospitals can either lose or gain up to 1.5% of their Medicare payments in fiscal year 2015. CMS will up the ante over the next few years, with 2% of reimbursement dollars ultimately being at risk by fiscal year 2017.”


Healthcare IT News: New Hospital Interactive Patient Technology

This article speaks on the new push for hospitals to get these patient interactive systems to ease their workload by increasing patient awareness, education, and entertainment. Doing all of this will boost the patient’s satisfaction with their experience. These systems will be imperative for hospitals now and for the future since they now are tied to HCAHPS’ requirements and incentive to receive more federal money.

“The on-demand education at the bedside makes the patient and their families active participants in the recovery process,” said Judy Cramer, the health system’s director of education. “The clinical technology integration into our ADT and EMR systems provides our staff the ability to completely automate several workflows. With this task removed from their daily workload, our clinicians can focus on the quality of care they are providing, resulting in increased staff satisfaction.”


Advanced Healthcare Network: Hospitals Pushing Customized Care

“Interactive patient technology is expanding hospitals’ and clinicians’ abilities to “push” customized condition-specific information, scale health literacy gaps and improve adherence to clinical requirements, while providing immeasurable benefits toward achieving the optimal patient experience.”


Fox News

Study Finds Laughter has Similar Effects of Exercise.


USA Today

For a hardy heart, have a hardy-har-har.


The Gaurdian (UK)

Comedy films leave viewers in a good heart, says cardiologist.


Med India

Prevent Cardiac Problems And Laugh Your Way To A Good Health.


Monty Python’s John Cleese Discusses The Healing Effects of Laughter

Monty Python’s john Cleese Discusses The Healing Effects of Laughter.


Ati Citron is a Clowning Academic

Ati Citron is a Clowning Academic.